Energy Healing

I am a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese word that translates as Universal Energy. It is also sometimes referred to as Universal Love, as well as Light Work. I was first exposed to the profound healing energy of Reiki during an Artist’s Way group, which I was a part of in Seattle in 2002. I was deeply moved by the beauty of Reiki and took the Level I training with Eileen Day. After two years of practicing on myself, as well as on friends, I completed the Level II training. Since that time, I have taken numerous Reiki trainings with my teacher and healer Michael Emanuel, completing Reiki Level III in 2019.

People turn to Reiki healing for many reasons, including for stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and loss, and as well as physical issues including pain, digestive issues, and headaches.

My healing studio is in the Greenlake/Tangletown neighborhood of Seattle, located inside Tilia Natural Health. The setting is warm, peaceful, and healing, which is so important to this work. Because the clinic is located in a residential neighborhood, parking is free and easy – very unique for Seattle these days!

You can schedule a Reiki treatment, or I offer Reiki treatments, with Sound Healing after. Also possible is a two-practitioner treatment with Reiki and massage combined.