Therapeutic Massage

What people express most about my massage technique is that it is nurturing, nourishing, and spiritual. While Therapeutic massage does care for your whole body, it also allows you to focus on specific areas of tension or pain in your body. Often, people think of massage as a luxury, but massage is an essential form of selfcare that helps to relieve the physical, mental, and emotional tensions we hold in our bodies. I give massage that is client-centered, healing, and holistic. I also only see two, or maxium, three clients per day, so that I can devote my full energy to you and your healing and nourishment.

As with all of my treatments, we begin with a footbath and a cup of herbal tea, while we check-in together to discuss your intentions and needs for your treatment.  Remember, our check-in time does not take away from your treatment time.

I have been giving massage since 2008. When I began, I was working at a yoga retreat center in India. In Seattle, I trained as a massage therapist at the Cortiva Institute. After becoming licensed, I worked for more than four years at Bastyr’s Center for Natural Health giving massage and other healing treatments.

My massage studio is located at Tilia Natural Health, a beautiful natural health clinic in Seattle’s Greenlake/Tangletown area. I think it is so important to have my practice located in such a warm and healing environment. Also, because the clinic is located in a residential area, parking is free and easy to find – very unique for Seattle these days!

Please know that I do not accept tips. Prices below are all-inclusive. There is no tipping or tax added.